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Top 10 Tuesday – Authors I Want to Read More Of

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The prompt for this week’s top 10 list was freebie – to come up with my own topic. I decided to go with authors I want to read more of. There are so many authors that I’ve read one or two of their books and that has made me want to read more of their work, especially older authors with a lot of books out there.

Margaret Atwood

I’ve read a few books by Margaret Atwood, including The Handmaid’s Tale, the Maddaddam series and the poetry collection Dearly. Even though not everything I’ve read by her have been favourites, I absolutely love the way Atwood writes. Not to mention the ever-present feminist themes in her work. I’m curious to see what else she has written as everything I’ve read so far I’ve enjoyed. I’m particularly curious about her short story collections as I’ve not read any of her short stories yet.

Kazuo Ishiguro

I’ve only read Klara and the Sun by Ishiguro but I really loved his characters and writing style. The main reason for me wanting to read more though is lately I feel like everyone is talking about his books! Whether I’m reading through blog posts or browsing BookTube, it seems like everyone is talking about one book or another by him so I feel like I need to read more!

Madeline Miller

Circe by Madeline Miller is the first mythology retelling I ever read and has subsequently become one of my favourite stories. I adored everything about Circe but never got around to reading The Song of Achilles or anything else Miller has written. I’m eager to change that!

George Orwell

Since reading Animal Farm and 1984 I knew I wanted to see what else Orwell has done since they’re the two big ones. I bought a couple of his books on sale a while ago so hopefully I actually get around to reading them!

Neil Gaiman

This year I finally read Coraline after wanting to read it for years. I also read Good Omens recently. It made me want to read a lot more from Gaiman, particularly American Gods. There are a lot of his works that I’d be happy to start with though so I hope to read more from him soon.

Terry Pratchett

As previously mentioned, I read Good Omens this year. I’ve been wanting to read Discworld for years and years but reading Good Omens has given me the push that I need to actually feel motivated to start reading the massive series!

Stephen King

I can’t believe I’ve only ever read two Stephen King books – Pet Sematary and Gerald’s Game. I loved both of them and can absolutely see why King is such a beloved author. There are SO many of his books I want to read. IT, The Shining and 11/22/63 are the ones at the top of my list of his works that I want to read.

Jodi Taylor

I read Just One Damned Thing After Another (the first book in The Chronicles of St Mary’s series) on a whim last year and absolutely fell in love with it. I’ve yet to continue the series or read any of Taylor’s other books but I’m hoping to read the next one in the series very soon.

David Sedaris

When I listened to the audiobook of Me Talk Pretty One Day, it had me laughing out loud. Sedaris is such a funny person and an excellent essay writer so I’m excited to see he’s written a fair few memoir essay collections. I want to make sure I listen to them on audiobook as he tells the stories perfectly.

Liane Moriarty

Last month I read Big Little Lies and absolutely devoured it. I really enjoyed Moriarty’s writing style and her way of creating suspense and drama. She’s definitely an author I want to read more of. The Husband’s Secret is the one most on my radar but we’ll see!

I enjoyed picking my authors that I want to read more of. What about you, are there any authors that you want to read more of?

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